Most SaaS companies talk insistently about their software, their technology, their UI, UX, and their “savings”. Certainly, these solution elements are of primary importance to software companies and their customers. But when Adam McKibbin, writing for, called out SaaS organizations for their lack of focus on the key to a successful SaaS provider-client relationship—customer service—I knew I had to share!

In our world of procurement and sourcing solutions, no one is talking about customer service. McKibbin states in his article 5 Customer Service Mistakes Made By SaaS Companies, “Despite having the word ‘service’ baked right into their category name, SaaS companies sometimes come up short in serving the customer rather than chasing the next sale.”

The great irony, amongst a sea of similarly-minded companies in the SaaS procurement space: customer service is the differentiator. McKibbin explores this missing element of SaaS organizations and talks about other areas where companies go wrong—the red flags you need to watch for when choosing a SaaS partner.

Read McKibbin’s article, check out The Customer Experience ROI Study and then discover Perfect Commerce. Perfect’s 99% renewal rate speaks to the value of 24/7 customer support and client-specific training—organically offering even greater ROI with industry-leading SaaS solutions.

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By: Tara Ann Neville