It may just be the White House décor, or it may be the entire feel of a new administration, but this we know for sure: The White House will experience a transformation in 2017. And, it’s just as likely your Supply Chain will too. “Procurement Leaders recently surveyed our community of procurement executives in which we asked about their plans to reform their functions,” says Jonathon Webb, writing for in his article 2017: The Year For Supply Chain Transformation. “In one of the most surprising findings of the research was that 82% of procurement organizations were currently undergoing a transformation.”

The new survey reveals greater than a 200% increase, since the last survey, in the number of businesses transforming their supply chain management functions. The future is here. Webb discusses how forward-thinking companies are “beginning to look at their procurement function as a major opportunity”.

In 2017, we will see even greater procurement transformations across various industries. You don’t have the be a world leader to know that makes sense. Tell us about your 2017 procurement goals, connect to Perfect on LinkedIn & Twitter.

By: Tara Ann Neville