Ardent Partners welcomed Robert “Bob” Kane to CPO Rising in Boston, where he gave a talk on Managing Risk in a Global Supply Chain. Perfect Commerce attended this session to hear Kane’s approach to supplier development and supply risk management, as well as his unique story of a “start-up” CPO.

“Industry veterans can usually tell a good story of how they got to where they are from where they began. As a leading CPO and procurement leader, who started with mainframes and now drives process automation with modern technologies, Bob’s CPO journey across different industries, company sizes, and opportunities has given him a unique perspective on the procurement profession and the role of the CPO,” says Matthew York in his article Bob Kane: an “Old School” CPO with a “New School” Style on “Today, working in an environment where sustainability and technology collide to produce renewable energy, Bob Kane is the man to lead the charge at home and abroad for markets and suppliers that can help to propel his company forward.”

Kane delivered his presentation, “Start Me Up: Managing Risk and a Global Supply Chain” in Estabrooks Room at the Harvard Club in Boston’s Back Bay.

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By: Tara Ann Neville