Tail Spend Management

The Challenge

The “tail” end of a procurement department’s spend refers to the 20% of noncore transactions that go unmanaged, usually due to a high volume of suppliers and limited in-house resources dedicated to managing them.  In fact, many of these transactions are either too small or made too infrequently to be handled by internal strategic sourcing staff.  Effectively managing the tail spend remains both a great challenge and opportunity for many procurement departments.  Improved process efficiency and better allocation of time and resources for tail spend can result in significant cost savings and increased ROI for the company as a whole.

The Perfect Solution

  • Increase tail spend under management
  • Improve process efficiency for tail spend transactions
  • Realize greater cost savings from economies of scale
  • Reduce maverick spending and waste

Commerce One BPO

With our Commerce One Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), you can take advantage of our leveraged procurement services – economies of scale, process efficiency, and procurement software expertise – to realize the many benefits of managing your tail spend more effectively.  We’ll align our solution with your organizational and departmental objectives and present you with clear, expert analysis, allowing you to make better, more-informed decisions about your noncore spend.  Through our vast supplier network and proven strategic sourcing solutions and technology, you’ll be able maximize every tail spend transaction, resulting in significant time, resource, and cost savings for your company.

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