Contract Lifecycle Management

The Challenge

Managing procurement-related contracts can be time-intensive and riddled with room for human error.  In addition, procurement contracts are often either auto-renewed or renewed without proper review, leaving departments potentially stuck with underperforming vendors, rates that could have been renegotiated, or other service opportunities left on the table.

The Perfect Solution

  • Automate contract creation
  • Reduce paper processing
  • Reduce contract turnaround time
  • Improve supply chain performance
  • Better manage risk


PerfectContract, Perfect Commerce’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool, has helped customers like you efficiently manage hundreds of contracts at a time and improve countless buyer-supplier relationships.  This easy-to-use CLM software allows you to automate contract creation, streamline approval and authorization workflow, centralize contract content, monitor upcoming renewals, report and analyze contract data, and improve overall contract compliance.  By automating these processes, your procurement team is also able to focus more time on your relationships with vendors, thus improving supply chain performance and helping you to better manage risks.

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