Supplier Onboarding

Supplier Onboarding: Relations and Enablement

At Perfect Commerce, we own and operate the largest independent supplier network in the world. With the broadest global reach and deepest global capabilities of any independent provider, we’re able to offer the highest levels of supplier onboarding service and support in the industry. In fact, Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, ranked Perfect Commerce among the top five firms for supplier onboarding capability and performance.

We offer two phases of service for supplier onboarding – enablement and maintenance – with the following goals in mind:

Buyer Goals

  • Maximize spend through our eProcurement software solution
  • Increase user adoption and satisfaction by optimizing catalog content

Supplier Goals

  • Increase business from a long-term perspective
  • Improve visibility by providing rich catalog content


The enablement phase begins with consulting services that help buyers review their spend-capture requirements and optimize supplier onboarding and content. During this initial stage, our services include:

  • Developing content rules to fit your business model and system requirements
  • Creating custom catalog template guidelines
  • Providing an array of content solutions to enable supplier product management

The second stage of enablement is supplier onboarding. We offer the following services to ensure efficient supplier management:

  • Supplier Registration
    Our streamlined online registration enables new suppliers to easily and quickly sign up for Perfect’s The Business Network (TBN), the largest independent supplier network in the world.


Supplier Information Portal

  • Supplier Information Portal (SIP)
    With international functionality, our Supplier Information Portal is a comprehensive resource for suppliers, providing ready access to catalog templates, training videos, instructions, customer announcements, and network and catalog applications.
  • Content Services
    Content creation is a crucial part of the onboarding process. Through collaboration and training, we help suppliers provide rich content that makes their products and services more visible to buyers. We also offer premium content services – content cleansing and enrichment – to suppliers that require assistance with developing and/or optimizing their catalog file.
  • Supplier Orientation and Follow-Up
    Our approach to onboarding is highly personalized and customized. The options we employ to enable new suppliers to transact efficiently with their buyers include kick-off meetings, WebEx conference calls, and e-mail communication. We track our progress by holding weekly or biweekly telephone meetings and by using our Supplier Tracker program with buyers.


Supplier Tracker


Our goal during the Maintenance Phase is to forge strong relationships with both buyers and suppliers in order to drive competitive pricing, reliable product availability, on-time delivery, and a better overall experience. We also provide a variety of ongoing service options for quality assurance and spend optimization:

  • Quarterly content review with buyers (dashboard analysis and best practices)
  • Supplier onboarding follow-up (review of supplier database and product usage)
  • Supplier quality services (catalog and content review with suppliers)

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