Our expert strategic sourcing professional services team – whose members average 14 years of sourcing and procurement experience – provide training and services to help you optimize your sourcing initiatives. We are a Global Sourcing team that augments and helps manage strategic procurement initiatives focused on cost reduction, improved assurance of supply and alternative supply sources. We engage with your staff to define project objectives, build consensus with key stakeholders on success strategies and identify/negotiate with current and/ or potential providers to achieve the defined objectives.



Develop and execute the overall sourcing project. Establish sourcing, pricing and negotiation strategies under your direction. Identify, research and qualify potential alternative sources of supply. With all the tools and expertise ready to go, we can start impacting your bottom line faster than you think!


Engage with stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to develop specifications. Document specs, requirements, project approach and outcomes.


Analyze incumbent supply base and spend data. When warranted, visit and evaluate incumbent suppliers. Secure, automated, and extensive on-demand environment that enables buyers and sellers around the globe to interact and optimize transaction efficiency.


Participate with the operational team in the evaluation and down-selection. Develop long-term agreements. Reporting and scorecards provide objective measurements of sourcing event results.