A sound content management strategy is a critical component of any procurement solution. With a global point of view and extensive procurement software expertise, our Content Management Services team helps both buyers and suppliers optimize content – and the overall buying process – by providing the highest levels of consulting, training and support in the industry.

The same team that implements your content management strategy will also manage your ongoing account maintenance needs. By starting with you from the beginning, we’ll become subject matter experts in your procurement processes and will provide you with the right kinds of support and the best experience possible. This will also ensure continuity and ongoing optimization that both you and your suppliers can benefit from.



Enablement starts with an evaluation of both buyers and suppliers to better understand their unique goals and tailor a service approach that meets their specific needs and objectives.


Our expert Content Services team begins by helping buyers define and standardize the content rules that will make it easy for end-users to find products. We also help suppliers create rich content, making them more visible to buyers and enabling them to efficiently receive orders with all the right information.


Our team helps you classify products and services according to a global commodity classification standard – such as the UNSPSC. This allows you to identify possible overlaps in your existing procurement system, internal system records and vendor catalogs.


In addition to enrichment capabilities in PerfectShop, we offer roundtrip and punchout protocol options. This provides suppliers with another option to display content and gives buyers a rich content experience.