Procurement Outsourcing

Commerce One BPO

With our Commerce One Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), we’ll help you take advantage of our leveraged procurement services to realize the many benefits of managing your noncore spend more effectively. Utilizing our vast supplier network and proven strategic sourcing solutions and technology, you’ll be able to maximize every noncore spend transaction, resulting in significant time, resource, and cost savings for your company.

  • Take advantage of economies of scale, process efficiency, and procurement expertise.
    Commerce One BPO integrates seamlessly with any existing ERP system, creating optimal process efficiency and maximum economies of scale through a buyerless, touchless, and paperless environment for one-time purchases.
  • Save time and resources finding the products you need.
    Our search, sourcing, and knowledge management technologies – which can access a data repository of more than 20,000 qualified supplier relationships and millions of SKUs – significantly increase the probability of finding an item or service fast, as well as the various suppliers that provide the item or service. This will allow you to create a competitive landscape and drive the lowest total cost.
  • Save time and money via analysis.
    PerfectAnalyze, our spend analysis software, was built by procurement experts. PerfectAnalyze will transform your spend data into useful information and create actionable knowledge about your noncore spend.

One-Time Buys (Tail Spend)

Do you sometimes need an expensive or hard-to-find part or piece of equipment? Commerce One BPO Purchasing Services will help by leveraging our vast data repository of one-time buys compiled by engineers and procurement professionals over the past decade.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Spare Parts Purchasing
    Oftentimes, we can buy directly from the OEM, bypassing the distribution channel or system integrator for an item. For example, we saved 49% on a mercury lamp for a photolithography stepper by purchasing the item directly from the lamp manufacturer instead of buying from the company that built the stepper.
  • Leveraged Purchasing
    Typically, what is a one-time buy for you is a strategic, leveraged buy for us – and you reap the savings benefit. For example, we saved 14% on three units of a logic analysis system by leveraging our relationship with the largest manufacturer of test-and-inspection equipment.
  • Vendor Consolidation
    Tail spend purchases are relatively small in value, can require a great number of suppliers, and do not typically provide a significant differentiator for your company. Our expert teams will manage these purchases on your behalf, thereby reducing your supplier onboarding and maintenance costs. This will allow your procurement staff to focus on high-value projects while also delivering cost savings through our leveraged pricing. We’ll take the place of possibly hundreds of small suppliers – and you’ll reap the benefits of lower procurement costs, faster response times, and better supplier pricing.


On-Site Management

A truly unique part of our BPO offering is our on-site service. Our procurement experts will position themselves as part of your extended purchasing organization and engage with your stakeholders to drive significant cost savings. Without altering the fundamental nature of your company or the critical materials you require, we’ll help you identify and implement the best procurement processes to achieve savings on a wide variety of items and commodities.

Seeking a sourcing and procurement services organization that’s minority owned and operated?

Compro has been in business for over 12 years functioning primarily on being the extension of the customer’s procurement department.  Certified by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise as a minority and small business, their focus is on the often ignored “one-time” or “spot” buys. Mentored by Perfect Commerce, Compro’s services also include spend analysis, strategic sourcing, procure-to-pay, and procurement technology tools.  Visit their website to learn more.

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