Procurement Leaders Insight Contract Compliance

While you may have spent a lot of time diligently negotiating contracts with suppliers, it is likely someone in your organization will have made a purchase outside of these. Often called maverick spend, it isn’t necessarily done on purpose, or if it is, it could be done in the belief that they are saving the company money. What then can a CPO do to improve compliance.

Procurement Leaders Insight Taming the Tail Spend

THE SAFE, accepted way of thinking runs like this: If you split your spend into what’s manageable and what’s not, you can invest resources on ‘addressable spend’. But who ever made a name for themselves with the safe, accepted way of doing things?

The Roadmap to Value within Procurement

While no one doubts the necessity of buying goods and services, many CPOs agree the function needs to reinvent itself to sustain strategic value. The successful future of procurement is dependent on addressing four major challenges.

Trust Your Suppliers, Manage Your Risk: The Importance of Third Party Supplier Visibility

Suppliers are pivotal partners in successful global business strategies, however, you must have confidence in your supply chain to deliver results that will boost your bottom-line. Having little or no visibility into supply chain partners’ business or outsourcing practices ups the risk factor even more.