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Current Trends in Spend Management

Learn how to deploy an effective ongoing spend management strategy by looking for potential breakdowns in supply chains is a critical part of deploying an effective spend management strategy. Do you have the right tools and resources to achieve long-term success in your global spend strategy?

A Case Study From SIG Summit: 5 Ways to Transform Procurement

A global company in the business of agricultural production, improves the global food supply chain by transforming procurement—even though procurement isn’t a priority in this old-school organization. How do they do it?

 Aligning Procurement with the Overall Corporate Objectives

During this year’s ProcureCon Indirect West event, Perfect Commerce representatives sat in on a panel that addressed how to redefine the role of procurement in today’s enterprises. Learn about 4 areas of focus that bring procurement goals in line with corporate objectives.

Getting Started with a Spend Visibility Strategy

Learn the best approach to building a spend visibility plan that yields long-term results.

Good People + Good Organization = Good Procurement Processes

Find out the four characteristics of a trustworthy supplier  best learned face-to-face and how to drive down the cost of goods with strategic sourcing.

Global Purchasing Made Simple

Global purchasing activity can become extremely complex because of language barriers, workflow differences, and incompatible procurement systems. Perfect Commerce offers tools that allow organizations to collaborate across global differences.

How to Gain Recognition of Procurement’s Value

Discover what we learned at the World Procurement Congress and learn about our new partnership with DocuSign.

Key Learnings from the 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference

Read about the areas of discussion at this year’s ISM Conference, from spend visibility, contract negotiations, and catalog management.

How a Contract Management Solution Really Works

This article highlights contract management challenges; inefficient processes of contract creation, negotiation, version control, and more.

Eliminate Common Procurement Frustrations

In this month’s newsletter, we’ve highlighted the challenges associated with spend management solutions (either stand alone or ERP) bought without the procurement departments initiatives top of mind. Discover common mistakes and how a robust solution will contribute to bottom-line savings!

Maverick Spending & Rogue Buying – The Unlikely Culprit

Read about the challenges that companies face when employees make business related purchases off contract at non-approved vendors. This article uncovers the real reason behind this challenge and what Perfect Commerce offers to address this challenge.

The Importance of Catalogs & Supplier Relationships

This month’s newsletter highlights the importance of buyer-supplier relationships and leveraging supplier networks. Also, view the results from the survey on top procurement issues that keep procurement professionals up at night. Access and download the Aberdeen Group report, “Supplier Networks: Moving Beyond the Traditions of e-Procurement.” all in this month’s newsletter.

Tough Procurement Questions for the Year Ahead

This article highlights some tough questions procurement managers, directors and executives should ask themselves reflecting on the past year to help prepare for a successful year ahead.

The CPOs Path to Corporate Hero

Read about the insights from the recent Aberdeen study, in partnership with Perfect Commerce, providing procurement leaders some best practices to identifying key paths to success which includes, comprehensive training, proper communication, Best-in-Class technology implementation.