Top Priorities For Public Procurement in 2018 (March 2018)

Each year, the National Association of State Procurement Officials ranks the ten most important goals to create an agenda for leadership and programming that will move pubic procurement forward.

Contract Management (February 2018)

Maverick spend happens. Even when it’s done with the best of intentions, the purchasing made outside of your pre-negotiated supplier agreements can be a drain on your resources. To effectively control spend, CPOs must improve contract compliance…but how?

Simplifying Your Procurement Processes (January 2018)

WebProcure is innovating public sector purchasing and helping you simplify your procurement processes and gain visibility. One way WebProcure helps boost efficiency and increase control is by helping you go paperless. This reduces the risk of losing data, increases solicitation response rates, and cuts costs and process timelines.

The Future of Procurement (December 2017)

As organizations spend millions each year to meet their own needs, it’s a given that some unnecessary or unwise purchases will happen. Within reason, these errors aren’t game-changing, but left unchecked, wasteful purchasing can bog down your procurement process and wreck your bottom line.

Why the Future of Public Procurement is Digital (November 2017)

Digitalization is a challenging shift for all enterprises, but public sector entities have it especially tough. Shifting entire organizations from paper to online services can be extremely difficult within traditional bureaucratic business models, but doing so can revolutionize governments’ ability to innovate.

See Greater Value from Sourcing (October 2017)

Manual sourcing can keep organizations stuck in a cycle of inefficiency that needlessly drains resources. By leveraging the right tools and expertise, companies can transform sourcing in ways that elevate their entire enterprise.

Vendor Management in the Public Sector (September 2017)

Can you orchestrate your sourcing, procurement, and vendor management teams to drive optimal value? Strategically aligning these 3 disciplines is the key to their effective collaboration.

The Changing Face of Supply Chain Management (August 2017)

The explosive growth of big data has transformed how many businesses operate. Today’s technology innovations are revolutionizing procurement, dramatically improving efficiency in three key areas.

What is ineffective contract management costing your organization? (July 2017)

Automation is the foundation of business today. It is essential to procurement contracting because it streamlines processes, reduces errors, and saves time as well as considerable costs.

4 Ways to Tame Tail Spend in Procurement (June 2017)

Despite e-procurement’s inherent efficiency, some platforms fail to encompass an effective range of suppliers, spend categories, products and services.
The result? Tail spend—which can be quite costly to procurement organizations.

How will your procurement tool respond to disaster? (May 2017)

Public procurement is especially delicate work due to the PR concerns of government agencies. When disaster strikes, organizations serving the government must be immediately prepared to present meticulously updated vendor activity records to be considered for government contracts.

How Procurement Is Strategic to C-Level Objectives (April 2017)

In most organizations, procurement hasn’t always held a prominent seat at the executive table. Despite successful sourcing and negotiation, procurement pros traditionally struggled to demonstrate how their work supported strategic goals.

The Complexities of Vendor Management in the Public Sector (March 2017)

Vendor management can be more complicated in the public sector than it is in the private sector due to the documentation mandates associated with government projects.

3 priorities to evolve w/ digital procurement (February 2017)

As businesses globalize, the procurement landscape is shifting. With processes extending across the world, collaboration is key. Technology tools are essential to keeping pace with growth and change. Is your company prepared to evolve with procurement in the digital age?

3 Ways to Modernize Your Procurement Process (January 2017)

The age of information presents an overabundance of facts and data that can be challenging for procurement professionals to navigate.