07Sep 16
Maybe It’s Not WikiLeaks, But Is Supply Chain Boring?

Maybe it’s not WikiLeaks, but is Supply Chain boring?

Is supply chain misunderstood? Industry professionals have argued for years that businesses do not fully utilize supply chain capabilities and thus are missing out on potential contributions to their organizations. In the article 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Supply Chain ,…

01Sep 16
The Digital Supply Chain. We’re Not EpiPen.

The Digital Supply Chain. We’re not EpiPen.

We’re procurement software professionals, digital supply chain experts. We know who we are. We’re not EpiPen—saving lives instantly. We’re increasing efficiency and transparency in the supply chain. We’re streamlining operations. We know who we are. We’re minimizing risk and maximizing…

24Aug 16
Victim Or Perpetrator: How Important Are Data Details?

Victim or perpetrator: How important are data details?

Ryan Lochte. He shared a story with his mother about an eventful August evening in Rio. He also shared a story with the local police and a story with reporters, as his friends shared a story, too. How did all…

17Aug 16
When It’s Time To Take Control

When it’s Time to Take Control

Visibility. Does your organization have visibility into how much is spent, with whom, by whom and under what terms? If not, a data cleansing, category mapping and spend analysis exercise is in order to find the money you could be…