09Nov 16
A Revolution In The World Of Supply Chain Planning?

A Revolution in the World of Supply Chain Planning?

Throughout President Elect Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, he spoke of his efforts as a type of revolution—a movement in government, a change in politics. Whether you’re on the right, left or somewhere in between, most people acknowledge that a revolution…

02Nov 16
Hit It Out Of The Park—The Procurement World Series

Hit it out of the park—The Procurement World Series

The 37th World Series Game 7 is the biggest game in over a century for the Chicago Cubs and nearly as long for the Cleveland Indians, who last won in 1948. So much is on the line—arguably the most exciting…

26Oct 16
Supercharge Your Purchasing Approval Process

Supercharge Your Purchasing Approval Process

We’ve all been through it…your best tool breaks and now you need to order another one to do your job properly. You send a request to the Purchasing Department that tells them what you need. Then, you wait for approval. And…

13Oct 16
Cam Newton, Drew Brees Or You? Who Will Be MVP?

Cam Newton, Drew Brees or You? Who will be MVP?

True, most of us aren’t competing in the Panthers Vs Saints game on Sunday. But, like Newton and Brees, we still have a shot at MVP recognition. In the game of procurement, MVPs are bringing the latest tech advances together…