20Apr 16
Why You Need The Right Source At The Right Price

Why You Need the Right Source at the Right Price

Long-term procurement success relies heavily on the competitive edge—strategic sourcing. “Strategic sourcing empowers a company to take complete advantage of cost and capability delivered by low-cost traders, suppliers and sourcing agents,” explains Shruti Agrawal in the article Six Key Steps…

13Apr 16
What’s Missing In Most SaaS Models?

What’s missing in most SaaS models?

Most SaaS companies talk insistently about their software, their technology, their UI, UX, and their “savings”. Certainly, these solution elements are of primary importance to software companies and their customers. But when Adam McKibbin, writing for iMeetCentral.com, called out SaaS…

30Mar 16
Start Me Up: Managing Risk And A Global Supply Chain

Start Me Up: Managing Risk and a Global Supply Chain

Ardent Partners welcomed Robert “Bob” Kane to CPO Rising in Boston, where he gave a talk on Managing Risk in a Global Supply Chain. Perfect Commerce attended this session to hear Kane’s approach to supplier development and supply risk management,…

24Mar 16
Who Doesn’t Want Greater Visibility Into Contracts?

Who Doesn’t Want Greater Visibility into Contracts?

Automated supply management solutions assist procurement departments in scaling resources, while enhancing procurements’ overall value to the business. However, with technology adoption low, substantial opportunities remain for true value realization. “As Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) and procurement practitioners move forward,…