Revolutionize Your Procurement and Solicitation Lifecycle with the WebProcure Cloud Solution
Employ the benefits of decentralized purchasing and the security of centralized control. With WebProcure, you’ll leverage our comprehensive government procurement and solicitation solution to improve strategic sourcing and contract management while operating with increased control and efficiency.

WebProcure. Where Government Efficiency Begins
WebProcure offers best-in-class functionality, reaching end-to-end from requester to procurement buyer to merchant, and all the way back! Designed specifically for the public sector.

  • Workflow throughout Procure-to-Pay Lifecycle
  • Complete Spend Visibility and Analysis
  • Flexible Configuration and Implementation
  • Real Time Integration with Financial Systems
  • Comprehensive Auditing and Security

WebProcure spans across buying groups while simultaneously allowing for differences in procurement processes. Our modular, role-based solutions support all public entities—easily improving planning, decision making, reporting, and data transparency.


Your Complete Solicitation Management Tool
WebProcure provides an intuitive, wizard-like tool to systematically walk users through the solicitation creation process.

  • Ground-Breaking Revision Control and Comparison Tool
  • Electronic Question and Answer Management
  • Complete Questionnaire Evaluation and Scoring Capability
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Intelligence
  • Demand Aggregation/Cooperative Bidding
  • Best-in-Market Automated and Manual Audits

You’ll increase solicitation response rate, generate a competitive pool of merchants, increase cost savings and reduce overall procurement process time—ensuring data is never lost along the way!

The WebProcure Workflow and Approval modules streamline document flow while enforcing approvals, including requests, solicitations, purchase orders, contracts and amendments, as well as payment processing – throughout every step of the procurement process.

Our Comprehensive Vendor “Self Service”™ Portal Means Business
By utilizing our Vendor “Self Service” portal, vendors easily self-register to establish an enhanced profile, update contacts and submit product, tax and remittance information.

  • Subscribe to Buyers and Categories
  • Intuitive Electronic Bid Wizard
  • Catalog Creation Based on Contract Pricing
  • RoundTrip/PunchOut for Suppliers
  • Multi-User Vendor Accounts
  • Supplier Diversity Opportunities


Employ WebProcure Procurement Management Solutions
Utilize WebProcure’s full suite of strategic procurement and solicitation management solutions. Each innovative module works well on its own, together with other modules in WebProcure, or integrated with your ERP or third party solutions. Our flexible, easy-to-use solutions deliver intelligent spend analysis, strategic sourcing and effective vendor management to government entities of all sizes—further supporting WebProcure’s value to your agency and the businesses you work with every day.

To receive more information about WebProcure, download the product brochure.

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