The Business Network

The Preferred Independent Supplier Network of the Global 1000

The Business Network (TBN) is the world’s largest independent supplier network, with over 500,000 suppliers.  The TBN provides a secure, automated, and extensive on-demand environment that enables buyers and sellers around the globe to interact and optimize transaction efficiency.

  • 2 million users
  • 500,000 suppliers
  • 70 Countries, 15 Languages
  • More than $100 Billion Annual Network Spend

The TBN delivers immediate and sustainable results by eliminating costly point-to-point connections, integrating seamlessly with any existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and offering suppliers full-service adoption and automated self-registration. Benefits for buyers and suppliers include:

  • Simplified Connectivity
    A single connection links any purchasing or eProcurement system to The Business Network. Once connected, buyers and suppliers can transact on the network using a Web browser or the latest XML-based integration technologies. Providing a single point of integration saves both time and valuable IT resources.
  • Lower Costs and Increased Efficiency
    The Business Network eliminates the need to support expensive point-to-point connections and delivers content and functionality at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions.


  • Lower Barriers for Easy Supplier Adoption
    TBN technology provides automated supplier self-registration, allowing suppliers to easily and quickly register with the network. Easy supplier adoption results in more suppliers on the network and a greater competitive advantage for buyers. We also offer world-class onboarding, catalog content management, training, follow-up, and support to suppliers.


Supplier Network Information Portal

  • Reduced Complexity of the Purchasing Process
    The TBN provides an easy-to-use online solution to manage transactions between buyers and suppliers (purchase orders, purchase order responses, invoices, and advance-ship notices). Suppliers have access to a dynamic portal with best-in-class applications and no complex technical requirements. Suppliers utilize the following tools for convenient, self-sufficient operation on the TBN:

    • Supply Order Manager (SOM)
      Receive POs/COs and respond (POR/ASN) to all connected buyer accounts.
    • FlexInvoice
      “Flip” POs received in supply order into electronic invoices.
    • Catalog Manager
      Load and manage catalog content (including prices) through a powerful, easy-to-use content-processing engine that makes it easy for buyers to find what they’re looking for.


  • Easy Integration
    The Open Supplier Network allows suppliers to integrate electronic orders between buyers and their back-end systems, automating the transaction process. Suppliers can manage multiple electronic documents (purchase orders, status requests, invoices, etc.) and choose from multiple document formats, such as xCBL (Perfect Commerce format), cXML, EDI, SAP, and many other XML-formatted standards. Suppliers leverage the integrated options of the TBN to increase efficiency and cost savings, as well as minimize errors that can result from managing a large number of transactions.
  • Reduced Transaction Costs
    The Open Supplier Network is a simple, cost-effective solution for suppliers to optimize business transactions with all buyers – including buyers who submit orders only infrequently.

To find out more information about the TBN, download the product brochure.

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