PerfectSource: Strategic Sourcing Solution

PerfectSource is an easy-to-use sourcing solution that supports best-in-class supply chain management.  PerfectSource provides RFx management and control before contracts are executed, enabling better strategic decision-making and higher levels of supplier performance management.  PerfectSource modules include:

Event Manager

Event Manager allows sourcing professionals to conduct competitive online events with their suppliers in real time, saving an average of 18% for both direct and indirect goods and services, and reducing cycle time up to 50%.

Event Manager meets the diverse needs of sourcing professionals by offering flexible event creation and management.  Whether you’re conducting auctions or RFI, RFQ, or RFP events, Event Manager helps maximize savings on goods and services.


  • Flexible Event Creation
    Event Manager allows sourcing professionals to create an event from scratch, copy a previous event, plug in values to a pre-customized template, or upload information from Excel.


Real Time Bid Monitor

  • Real-Time Interactive Bid Monitor
    An interactive, real-time bid monitor for auction events enables sourcing professionals to observe supplier activity, communicate directly with suppliers, view supplier rankings, and calculate event savings throughout the auction.
  • Post-Event Analysis
    After the event, sourcing professionals have the ability to quickly evaluate the details of any event type – for example, supplier responses and trends, detailed savings calculations, and RFx answers based on weighted scores.
  • Full-Event Collaboration
    Event Manager includes a complete collaboration toolkit to provide a continuous Q&A platform for buyers and suppliers.  An internal message system, instant messaging, and flexible and editable emails keep the lines of communication open.
  • Supplier Portal
    Event Manager offers an easy-to-use supplier portal that requires minimal supplier training.  Suppliers are able to self-register via the portal and manage both bid creation and responses.  This reduces the strain on the buyer organization.

Scorecard Manager

Scorecard Manager provides a configurable, KPI-driven (Key Performance Indicator) supplier scorecard system to capture and measure individual supplier performance.  With its flexible data-input modes and graphical representations of performance, Scorecard Manager supports a wide range of review and update functions.  Through this powerful tool, buyers and suppliers significantly improve overall supply chain performance.


  • KPI-Driven Supplier Performance
    Ensures continuous supplier performance improvement by evaluating current performance and identifying areas of opportunity for reaching target performance levels.  Through simple forms, users can easily set up and administer the system without help from in-house IT staff or consulting services.
  • Self-Service Supplier Access
    Suppliers can access the supplier portal to answer KPI questions and review previous assessments.
  • Results and Analysis
    The scorecard report provides a graphical representation of KPI supplier performance trends over time, allowing buyers and suppliers to improve buyer-supplier relationships and minimize supply chain risk.

Request Manager

Request Manager delivers a centralized solution to manage all requests for sourcing activities.  Through a customizable, template-driven framework, Request Manager provides a platform for companywide request submissions to the sourcing department.


  • Customized Templates
    Customized request templates created by the sourcing department ensure that the required information is captured in the initial request, minimizing back-and-forth communication and speeding up the sourcing process.
  • Pending Requests and Notifications
    Users can easily view pending requests by status, category, and receive/send notifications, providing visibility to all participating departments.
  • Full Request-to-Event Traceability
    By keeping requests and event details in one system, the organization can improve performance by viewing the entire process from start to finish.  Along with request messaging, all events are linked to the original request for complete audit traceability.

To find out more information about PerfectSource, download the product brochure.

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