PerfectShop: State-of-the-Art Catalog Solution

PerfectShop, our state-of-the-art catalog solution, provides customers with a robust, user-friendly shopping experience for indirect purchasing. This software suite optimizes the value of any procurement system by facilitating efficient management and presentation of product information. PerfectShop has modules for all aspects of content management, from catalog creation and publication to comprehensive search capabilities. Modules include:

Search Manager delivers world-class, centralized catalog purchasing capabilities, allowing users to easily and quickly find, compare, and select products. Advanced search features help to ensure fast user adoption and greater utilization of the procurement system.


  • Easy and Efficient Catalog Purchasing
    With advanced search and shopping cart capabilities, customized catalog views, and the flexibility of internationalization, Search Manager allows users to easily and quickly buy the right products. Leveraging Perfect Commerce’s on-demand delivery model, Search Manager enables organizations to focus on critical procurement processes instead of IT infrastructure.
  • Seamless Integration with any Procurement System
    By utilizing standard connections such as Open Catalog Interface (OCI), Search Manager integrates seamlessly with any existing procurement system – including SAP, PeopleSoft/Oracle, and our own Procurement Manager. In addition, Search Manager allows users to find customer-specific product numbers and stocked items, and to browse customer classifications that coexist with global standards.
  • Authoring Tools to Build Requisition Templates
    Authoring tools help buyers build and populate requisition templates with product and price information. This simple, self-service solution provides scalability, decentralized control, and rapid expansion of the number of commodities and suppliers addressed by the procurement solution.
  • Unrivaled Search Capabilities
    Search Manager delivers enhanced functionality using a combination of full-text, classification, and product-group search capabilities to minimize search time. Searches within the aggregate supplier catalog include keyword search, fuzzy search (such as fault-tolerant and phonetic search), full-text search, parametric search, and commodity drill-down. Search results are based on the catalogs and prices the users can access, ensuring that only contracted and approved items may be added to requisitions.

Catalog Manager

Catalog Search Results

  • Enhanced Purchasing Functionality
    With intuitive search and compare functions, users can easily and quickly view product information, enabling better overall purchasing decisions.  Filters can be set to view by manufacturer, product group, price range, and rich-category attributes.  For more flexibility and control, Search Manager also includes enhanced functionality to support minimum order quantity, tiered pricing, and discounts.
  • Customized Order and Product Comparisons
    Search Manager facilitates efficient product comparisons by displaying selected items side-by-side and highlighting each product’s differentiating features. Cheaper-item verifications alert users when lower-cost opportunities are available.
  • Internationalization
    Multicurrency capability and defined language codes allow enterprises around the globe to access supplier catalogs in their local currency.
  • Catalog Visibility Control
    Controllable catalog views across the enterprise help purchasing managers eliminate off-contract spend. Catalog views are established by purchasing managers who associate the correct catalogs and contract files with the right purchasing organization.

Catalog Manager

A sound content management strategy is the most critical component of any procurement solution. Catalog Manager ensures that buyers only order goods and services that are properly sourced and under contract. Utilizing Catalog Manager, suppliers can easily upload content and configure approval workflows.  


  • Efficient Catalog Management
    With Catalog Manager, approved catalogs can easily be transferred to any existing purchasing or procurement system. Catalog Manager validates individual products and contract prices. Validation rules ensure compliance with unit-of-measure standards, classifications, and other required data elements. Catalog Manager also promotes the monitoring and approval of changes made to products and contract prices, eliminating the need for in-house resources to research changes made by suppliers.
  • Catalog Publishing
    Catalog Manager eliminates the need to manually manage multiple catalogs and thousands of line items. Updating and delivering catalogs and contract prices to one or more procurement systems using multiple standards is simple, because we handle all the synchronization, maintenance, and versioning. Catalog Manager also provides tools that convert units-of-measure (UOMs) and classifications to the procurement system’s required format.
  • Easy Tracking of Product and Price Changes
    Catalog Manager highlights product and price changes for effective management of the catalog maintenance process.
  • Integrated Solution
    Catalog Manager can be seamlessly integrated with any supplier’s catalog management system so that product and price changes are automatically updated and reported.

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