PerfectProcure: Procure-To-Pay Solution

PerfectProcure is an easy-to-use, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps procurement departments increase spend under management and drive better purchasing policy compliance.  PerfectProcure modules include:

Procurement Manager

Procurement Manager helps users improve efficiency and spend-compliance by eliminating manual, paper-based processes and providing easy-to-use, enterprise-wide, self-service purchasing.


  • Automated Processes and Workflow
    Procurement Manager automates the purchasing process by replacing traditional paper purchase orders and responses with more-accurate, standardized electronic documents.  Advanced workflow and search capabilities include:

    • Search by supplier, manufacturer, keyword(s), or UNSPSC commodity item; compare suppliers with a single click
    • Enable roundtrip or punchout to supplier sites and configurators, while still routing requisitions through proper approval processes
    • Customize approval management
    • Define company-specific business rules
  • Seamless Connectivity for Integrated Processing
    Designed to integrate with financial and A/P systems, Procurement Manager provides integrated processing for a truly seamless purchasing experience.  Procurement Manager also integrates directly with our own PerfectInvoice, automating every step of an invoice transaction – including preparation of the invoice, electronic delivery, receipt processing and review, and approval of payment.
  • Powerful Network Enhances the Supply Chain
    Procurement Manager works with The Business Network (TBN), enabling buyers to make a single connection and access all of their suppliers in a highly scalable electronic environment.

    • Largest independent supplier network in the world
    • More than 500,000 suppliers
    • Over 780 million SKUs of catalog content
    • Easily integrates with leading ERP systems such as SAP and PeopleSoft/Oracle
  • Procurement on the Go
    Innovative solutions, including mobile apps, make it easy to approve orders and view current purchasing trends and activities on the go.

Receipt Manager

Receipt Manager delivers significant and measurable benefits to buyers through faster receipt processing and approval, more efficient review, and automated inspection for fewer errors.


  • Faster Processing and Approval
    Quickly receive all items with the click of a button.  Dynamic goods-receipt statuses indicate if a PO is partially, fully, or over received and two or three way match functionality compares items based on line number, supplier part number, and/or unit of measure (UOM).


Homepage Spend Visibility Dashboard

  • Serial Number Logging
    Receipt Manager can collect parts serial numbers on line items, allowing users to track sensitive goods back to the shipment where they originated.
  • Procurement Compliance
    Desktop receiving drives purchasing compliance by providing a central location to view all POs and related receipts. Through dashboard and report elements, users can quickly determine supplier performance based on delivery times and shipment

For government and education, please ask about WebProcure, our procure-to-pay solution designed and built specifically for the public sector.  Learn more about WebProcure now.

To find out more information about PerfectProcure, download the product brochure.

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