PerfectAnalyze: Real Spend Analysis

PerfectAnalyze is a scalable, flexible, and secure spend-analysis solution that provides procurement departments with full visibility into enterprisewide spending.  PerfectAnalyze gives managers and analysts the spend visibility and control they need to operate with greater efficiency, reduce costs, and further identify strategic sourcing opportunities.


  • Reliable Dataset
    PerfectAnalyze enables users to collect, cleanse, classify, and analyze raw spend data with exceptional accuracy and timeliness.  The end result is a reliable dataset that serves as the baseline for future strategic analysis, forecasting, and decision-making.

PerfectAnalyze Drill Down

Drill into multiple layers of data to evaluate suppliers, identify maverick spend, and analyze spend data.

  • Drill Down by Category
    PerfectAnalyze allows users to drill down into every category of spend for more-informed decision-making.

    • Analyze spend data based on highest-yield categories, historical trends, cost indicators, and available benchmarks
    • Evaluate suppliers by category and amount of spend
    • Compare spending from one purchasing department to another
    • Identify maverick spend for better control
  • Easy-to-Use Flexible Reporting
    With PerfectAnalyze, users can generate reports on source-to-contract and procure-to-pay processes to evaluate performance.

    • Better understand spend in key categories with detailed commodity reports
    • Remediate off-contract spend compliance issues
    • Create actionable data with interactive charts and graphs
    • Empower negotiators with accurate supplier spending information and trends
    • Share analysis with real-time collaboration

PerfectAnalyze Dashboard

Dashboard: View spend, invoice and supplier data from multiple data sources in a single location.

  • State-of-the-Art Dashboards
    With a user-friendly interface, our customizable dashboards provide a quick and easy centralized view into an organization’s spend.  Through multiple levels of data drill-down, the powerful graphs and charts give the user complete spend visibility.

    • Customize views with a widget library
    • Generate reports with complete dashboard flexibility, including the ability to export to different formats
    • Identify all types of purchasing behaviors
    • Conduct trend and comparative analysis to quickly determine strengths and opportunities
    • Identify supplier risk based on geographical and socioeconomic factors

To find out more information about PerfectAnalyze, download the product brochure.

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