Today’s government technology space is seeing a huge movement to adopt new and better approaches to procurement. For more than a decade, government agencies have talked about the need for a government procurement transformation in order to achieve more efficiency, visibility and cost savings for agencies and the citizens they serve.

One of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) corporate partners characterized its dealing with government as “disorganized, inconsistent processes, governance and standards across agencies even with a supposedly centralized procurement function,” according to’s  article National Groups Call for State IT Procurement Reform. “Citing a survey NASCIO conducted last year called The Value Equation, the organization uncovered that 47 percent of state CIOs have negative outlooks on IT procurement processes, while 70 percent of NASCIO’s corporate partners shared that outlook.” says leading the way in new approaches to procurement in the government technology space today are states such as Georgia, Virginia, Minnesota, Utah, Massachusetts and Ohio. But, these decisions don’t happen easily or quickly. For states that want to get started,’s article outlines the five crucial steps that NASCIO offered and that must be taken to improve procurement processes.

SaaS procurement professionals know the difference between the private vs public procurement industry can be substantial, with government procurement lagging behind the private sector by 10 years or more. As states open their eyes to cloud procurement, they will reap the rewards of years of fine tuning the SaaS offering and gain exponential benefits to enhance their governments’ services.