Is supply chain misunderstood? Industry professionals have argued for years that businesses do not fully utilize supply chain capabilities and thus are missing out on potential contributions to their organizations.

In the article 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Supply Chain ,, a supply chain recruiting organization, says, “The complex value chain that brings products and services to market is more vital than ever to companies looking to compete in the global economy, but its value – both as a career to work in, and its value to business – is still opaque to many.”

Seemingly, the biggest misconception about Supply Chain managers is that they only offer cost savings. “It’s another perception rooted in the field’s more transactional past, and another misconception that needs to change post haste,” explains “In fact, many companies now take that aspect of Supply Chain for granted because truly great Supply Chain professionals deliver so much more.”

Additionally, disproves the idea that Supply Chain or Procurement professionals work is “boring” and actually reports that Supply chain managers are highly-satisfied with their jobs. The fast pace, use of cutting edge technology and wide range of challenges seem to keep employees satisfied—and the compensation doesn’t hurt, either.

Essentially, argues Supply Chain has the potential to deliver much more value than many companies recognize and are actually an essential component of successful organizations. Do you agree? What misconceptions would you add to the list? Join in the conversation on LinkedIn & Twitter.

By: Tara Ann Neville