Cloud Procurement

Software as a Service (SaaS)

For more than a decade, cloud computing – including SaaS – has been a rapidly growing trend for enterprises around the world.  Many major corporations have switched to SaaS for key business processes, replacing the outdated user interfaces and the unwieldy footprints of on-premise or traditional enterprise software.  Like many other areas of enterprise IT and infrastructure, SaaS has proven to be unparalleled in providing an efficient and cost-effective way for companies to both manage their procurement processes and satisfy user needs for purchasing and procurement.

With SaaS, a vendor hosts data on off-site servers, and end-users have fast, Web-based access to the information (on desktop computers, laptops, and a range of mobile devices).  Implementation is faster, and infrastructure costs lower, than with more traditional methods.  In addition to reducing IT costs, SaaS solutions deliver immediate updates and releases, and offer an infrastructure that is both scalable and flexible.

In the past, companies have worried about having their data “floating around in the Internet cloud” – an understandable concern.  Fortunately, Perfect Commerce, one of the world’s premier SaaS providers, is committed to implementing and maintaining the most stringent security standards and measures.  With Perfect Commerce, you can experience the many benefits of SaaS and feel confident that your data is secure.

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