Perfect Commerce and Verizon Wireless Partnership

With a tough economy constantly hovering overhead, businesses are looking for solutions that help improve overall operational expenses. Perfect Commerce, an eprocurement and esourcing solution expert, and Verizon Wireless are working together to help businesses with their cost-cutting initiatives. Using a strategic Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Perfect Commerce can offer companies in the gas utility, water utility, electric utility, oil and gas refinery or coal industries a substantial cost savings on Verizon Wireless voice and data services as well as select accessories. Non-Verizon clients may also be eligible for these special incentives, provided they switch services to Verizon Wireless.

Perfect Commerce is launching monthly e-communication campaigns to educate its members on these special savings, as well as wireless technology solutions that can help address a number of business challenges. Over 400 clients have taken advantage of these custom offerings since the new campaign launch this past July. Clients are catching on to the scent of savings and some have started to see significant cost reductions.

Verizon and Perfect Commerce have identified and pre-approved thousands of companies for these special incentives. The GPO is a strategic relationship that allows Verizon Wireless to drive messaging to a targeted audience in the utilities space, while allowing Perfect Commerce to drive value adding business solutions to help address the business concerns of their members. For companies to qualify, they must provide an energy service, such as: electric/gas/water utilities, nuclear power, coal, pipelines or energy co-ops. See if your company qualifies through our Group Purchasing page.

The company information you provide to Perfect Commerce is quickly reviewed to determine eligibility; once approved there are a few effortless steps to complete the process. While the process is automated, Perfect Commerce still offers customer support.

About Perfect Commerce:

Perfect Commerce, headquartered in Newport News, VA, offers world-class sourcing and procurement solutions for companies of all sizes. Perfect Commerce global customers and partners include market leaders such as ConEdison, Visagent, BNP Paribas, Johnson Controls, Inc., YRC Worldwide and Honeywell, Inc.