We’re procurement software professionals, digital supply chain experts. We know who we are. We’re not EpiPen—saving lives instantly. We’re increasing efficiency and transparency in the supply chain. We’re streamlining operations. We know who we are. We’re minimizing risk and maximizing savings.

Clearly, we’re not saving lives. But we are saving businesses and Millennials are driving supply chain management to take notice. “Chief Technology Officers and other members of upper management in logistics and supply chains already are noticing the push to integrate modern technology solutions by the younger workforce,” says Nicole Pontius in her article How Millennials are Helping Companies Navigate the Digital Supply Chain Disruption at business.com. “Companies throughout the supply chain are feeling the pressure to evolve and adapt.” SaaS solutions answer the needs of supply chain management, while satisfying Millennials’ taste for modern technology in the workplace.

We’re not EpiPen—robbing the most vulnerable. We’re engaging global businesses and offering a more powerful supply chain. We know who we are. Check out Pontius’ article and join in the conversation on LinkedIn & Twitter.

By: Tara Ann Neville