Pioneer in Global eCatalog Procurement

Immediately, usage of Perfect’s software reduced the number of steps in Halliburton’s Purchase-to Pay (P2P) process by 60% streamlining the interpretation and decision making processes. With the inclusion of non commodity items and the elimination of previous eCatalog restraints, PerfectShop easily enabled more than 300% growth in the number of hosted eCatalogs.

Grand Rapids: City Government Implements Online Processing

When the City of Grand Rapids was ready to forgo paper processing and embrace online procurement, optimizing spend visibility and control were top priorities, as well as accountability and overall savings. As the City processes approximately 35K purchasing transactions annually, a state-of the-art, end-to-end procurement solution was imperative. With vast experience in government procurement, Perfect Commerce offered WebProcure — the comprehensive, cloud-based procurement software specifically developed for state and local governments.

Adopting a Successful eProcurement Strategy

In today’s economy, financial insecurity and uncertainty weigh heavily on many companies. What happens when a prominent provider of financial services is burdened with poor spend management?

Global eProcurement for Technology Company

In today’s global business environment, companies that operate across international borders need efficient ways to direct how their organizations manage spend.

Sourcing Significant Cost Savings for Manufacturing Company

Do you know where your company is spending its hard-earned dollars? Has your company fallen into a trap of spot buying? These are just a couple of questions faced by our client, an industry leader in ship maintenance and repair.

Financial Services Company Spend Management Study

Today’s economy is one where insecurity and uncertainty weigh heavily on the shoulders of many companies. Financial woes are a common theme, but what happens when a prominent provider of financial services feels the burden of poor spend management? As a leading financial services and retirement benefits provider, our client has many individuals and businesses relying on their ability to manage money.