Ardent Partners: Technology and Innovation Outlook

Procurement is in a unique role and can really drive innovation and support revenue growth, while minimizing risk and delivering a competitive advantage to organizations. This Ardent Partner Report explains the impact of today’s progressive solutions on the management of invoice and payment processing.

Ardent Partners: Top Procurement Strategies for Managing Growth, Globalization & Complexity

In today’s fast paced, ever-evolving business world, there are elements of change that can affect procurement’s overall impact. The issues of growth, globalization, and complexity, which generally fall outside of the Chief Procurement Officer’s control, can alter procurement operations now and well into the future. As such, procurement functions must be prepared to adapt to growth (by market demand, corporate expansion, M&A activity, or organic), globalization, and complexity (solution integration, altered data sources, etc.) in order to maintain their strategic influence.

Ardent Partners: How to build a Compelling Business Case for Supplier Networks

Supplier networks sit at the intersection of a paradigm shift in the way trading partners communicate, collaborate, and transact. Global enterprises have recognized this transformation and have begun, in many cases, to alter their business processes. And, while the potential for supplier networks to both ease and accelerate this shift is enormous, articulating and presenting a business case to persuade a move to a supplier network can be difficult and time-consuming.

PayStream Advisors: Supplier Network Management

The landscape of B2B networks has changed dramatically as workflows, data sharing, and shared processes have evolved from electronic data interchange (EDI) in the 1960s, to the emergence of value-added networks (VANs) in the 1990s, to the dawn of B2B marketplaces in the 2000s. Beginning in 2010, B2B supply chain business networks expanded to include interface reusability, canonical data models, multi-party applications, industry-specific multi-tier analytics, and community onboarding services.

Ardent Partners: Technology Adoption Report – Business Networks

The demands of today’s marketplace require that businesses continue to advance and improve by promoting better communication and collaboration among stakeholders and by layering greater intelligence into their core processes. Business networks, which sit at the intersection of many procurement and financial processes, promote collaboration between the two groups by helping to automate common business processes, like P2P, and enable next-generation business practices, like supplier collaboration.

Ardent Partners: CPO Rising Convergence

This decade we’ve seen businesses gripped by convergence, pushing together business units, organizations, and products. In procurement, this corporate convergence is evidenced by the CPO whose role has become one of expansion and convergence.

Aberdeen Group: The CPO’s Agenda for 2012…and Beyond

With many organizations facing uncertain economic conditions and critical business challenges, the contemporary Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) has an opportunity to become a true corporate “hero” by aligning procurement initiatives and strategies with the overall goals and objectives of the greater organization. The CPO’s Agenda for 2012…and Beyond highlights the strategic rise of the CPO and how this role is well-positioned to be an executive force for years to come.

Aberdeen Group: Supplier Networks – Moving Beyond the Traditions of E-procurement

Supplier networks today are seeing a complete redirection in their purpose from a decade ago. Originally focused to be transaction oriented exchanges for sending purchase orders electronically, supplier networks today have become an important strategy necessary for optimizing transaction focused procurement as well as for improving supplier relationships.