True, most of us aren’t competing in the Panthers Vs Saints game on Sunday. But, like Newton and Brees, we still have a shot at MVP recognition. In the game of procurement, MVPs are bringing the latest tech advances together with today’s procurement demands for strategic planning and visibility—well beyond a single department.

Writing for, Hailey Lynne McKeefry’s article Get Yourself Named Procurement MVP discusses the real MVPs behind the most successful businesses. “To really emerge as MVPs of the organization, procurement people have to think even more creatively. They need to position themselves within the organization as trusted business advisors,” says McKeefry. “In the supply chain and sourcing/procurement spaces, a variety of products have become available to help the organization to react in a customer centric and transparent manner.”

Procurement and supply chain efforts are no longer executed in a silo. Instead today’s procurement leaders are visible throughout an organization and require solid procurement fundamentals coupled with intuitive procurement software solutions to be positioned as skilled advisors and business drivers.

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By: Tara Ann Neville