Hit it out of the park—the Procurement World Series is on the line

Procurement Outsourcing

By: Tara Ann Neville

The 37th World Series Game 7 is the biggest game in over a century for the Chicago Cubs and nearly as long for the Cleveland Indians, who last won in 1948. So much is on the line—arguably the most exciting game in our lifetime. The Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo had a homer and two hits in Tuesday’s Game 6 and certainly dreams of a repeat performance tonight.

In sports and business, timing is everything. Just as the Cubs’ pinch-hitter Kyle Schwarber is called upon at just the right moment in a baseball game, Chief Procurement Officers need to know exactly when to utilize outsourcing in the procurement process. “When some think of outsourcing, they often picture companies deciding whether to make a part themselves or have a third party do it. Outsourcing over the years has also come to mean looking to service providers to do the tactical for a fee. Companies can outsource these processes to providers based in the U.S. or other regions of the world,” says Susan Avery in her SupplyChainQuarterly.com article Tackling the tactical with procurement outsourcing. “The benefits of outsourcing tactical procurement include improved efficiency, reduced cost, and, most importantly, time to focus on the strategic.”

Knowing where your time and energy is best spent means a better outcome for everyone and greater likelihood you’ll bring home a ‘W’ for the team. “With tactical procurement under control, CPOs can focus their energy where it belongs: on the more strategic parts of their jobs”, says Avery.

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