A Peaceful Revolution in the World of Supply Chain Planning?


By: Tara Ann Neville

Throughout President Elect Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, he spoke of his efforts as a type of revolution—a movement in government, a change in politics. Whether you’re on the right, left or somewhere in between, most people acknowledge that a revolution is a mighty aggressive initiative and one that involves the right combination of ingredients to deliver success.

In Kevin O’Marah’s article for Forbes.com The Future Of Supply Chain Planning, he talks about a recent revolution in the world of supply chain planning. “New technologies for enhanced visibility offer previously unimaginable granularity, timeliness and subtlety in both demand and supply awareness. At the same time, faster, richer and most amazingly, self-teaching analytical methods are increasingly in use in making sense of all this new supply chain awareness,” says O’Marah. “The big question is whether our business decision-making abilities will keep pace with the power of our tools,” he asks.

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