What Does Complete, End-to-end Really Mean?

Blog 3

By: Tara Ann Neville

This is part 3 of a 3-blog series discussing the key lessons we learned at the NIGP 2016 Forum. In the first lesson we discussed the growing interest in reverse auctions and the previous blog focused on contract management. If you missed Part 1 – Reverse Auctions—Who, When & What., please click HERE or Part 2 – What is Ineffective Contract Management Costing Your Organization? click HERE. Today we share the final lesson we learned and offer some further reading on the topic. This is our final blog in the 3-blog series.

Lesson 3:  It’s time to replace disparate systems with one Source-to-Pay solution.

As we’ve acknowledged the trending of reverse auctions and events, it’s important to note the overall need for an end-to-end sourcing solution, as it has become more urgent with each passing quarter. Such a solution would replace manual processes and disparate systems, while centralizing information, streamlining sourcing activities and enhancing buyer-supplier communication. Check out Kaitlyn McAvoy’s article Majority of Procurement Organizations are at a Basic Level of Maturity, And Why That Needs to Change at spendmatters.com.

How mature is your procurement department? 2016 means automation and procurement maturation, so look to the Perfect solution if you want hair on your chest. Join in on the discussion on our social media channels LinkedIn & Twitter and follow this 3-part series on our Perfect Blog.